Sam Fine O Chem Limited manufacturing operations have a long-standing commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement. Our infrastructural investments underline our commitment towards all the markets in which we operate. In line with our policy on environment conservation and protection, our plant has zero effluent discharge. We ensure on site treatment of effluent and use the treated water in plant utilities.

Our Plant is equipped with SS and Glass Lined reactors having capacity 300 Lit. to 6300 Lit., Vacuum Tray Dryers GMP, SS Centrifuges, Sparkler Filters etc. There are separate air conditioned liquid and solid store Rooms for storage of finished products.

There is a separate Raw Material Store for storage of raw materials. The Facility has separate Tank Farm area for storing solvents like Methanol, Acetone, IPA, Toluene and also for acids like HCl, Sulphuric and Spent acid and there is a separate store for hazardous chemicals also.

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